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The Mountainair Balloon Rally & Matanza is an annual event that began in 2019. The first event held in 2019 saw approximately 15 Hot Air Balloons ascend from the Mountainair High School Football Fields and was attended by many residents of Mountainair and the surrounding communities. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no event in 2020 but we have plans to bring the event back in November of 2021. The two day event occurs on the 3rd weekend of November. The Matanza happens on the Saturday of the event with the Hot Air Balloons launching both Saturday and Sunday mornings. The Matanza occurs at the Mustang Plaza, although there is consideration of having it at the Dr. Saul Community Center in the future. The Rio Grande Matanzeros from Valencia County start cooking the food in the very early morning hours of Saturday to have the food ready at approximately 11:00 a.m. There is music, games, a jumper and other items at the location for families to enjoy while at the Matanza.

Special thanks to:

Ed von Kutzleben - Made the recommendation to bring a Hot Air Balloon Rally to the Town of Mountainair.

William Manus - Hot Air Balloon Director who runs the Hot Air Balloon portion of our event.

Anthony Guaŕdian of the Rio Grande Matanzeros - He is the leader of the Matanzeros and responsible for coordinating the event with the Town of Mountainair.

Rio Grande Matanzeros - They are a powerhouse group of men and women who specialize in keeping our traditions alive!

Chef Fernando Ruiz - He was the Rio Grande Matanzeros special guest cook at the 2019 event.

UFC Fighter Tim "Dirty Bird" Means & Brenda "Boom Boom" Gonzales-Means - They were our Honorary Special Guests at the 2019 event.

Special thanks also to our elected officials, volunteers and residents for making this such a special event! Looking forward to seeing you all in November 2021!

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